Features that you won't find in any other system.

Click on any form to see a larger view.
NetCIL Main form. Large, easy-to-read buttons on input forms work well with touch screen devices. Customizable forms and reports with your logo.

Best of all: Take your data offline and take it with you wherever you go - Then upload your edits to the cloud. No other system can do that.
NetCIL Manager form and Consumer Summary Report. Easily generate a list of consumers and other contacts with reportable transactions. Filter agency reports by county and / or grant - There's no extra charge for the capability - It's built-in to NetCIL Manager.
NetCIL Spreadsheet view. Switch any form to a spreadsheet view. Quickly export data to Microsoft Excel and Word. NetCIL Online is fully integrated with Microsoft Office applications.
NetCIL Spreadsheet view. Easily create sophisticated spreadsheet reports with the push of a button. Use NetCIL to bill for services.
NetCIL Documents form. Share and manage documents in the cloud. Create templates for your organization, and use them to create customizable documents for your consumers - automatically populated with information from your database - even signatures.
NetCIL Archive form. Easily archive your old data to keep your current data clean. Search and retrieve whenever necessary. No other system can do that.
NetCIL People form. Keep track of all of your transactions with consumers, I&R referrals, and agency contacts. Import and export data to and from Microsoft Outlook and many other e-mail systems.
NetCIL Query form. Extend the power of your database by using the built-in Microsoft Access query capabilities to ask any question, anytime.