The NetCIL advantage:

  1. Complete integration with Microsoft Office.
    NetCIL uses Microsoft Access and SQL Server databases. All software is written using Microsoft applications.
    With Microsoft Office, you have complete control of your data. You own it.
    Non-profits can also purchase Microsoft Office at very low cost.
  2. Works with or without an internet connection.
    You can run NetCIL on a single computer, share it on your office network, or run it on an Amazon Cloud Server. Grab your data, take it into the field, collect information with no need for an internet connection. Synchronize it with your master data when you're connected again.
  3. Optimized for touch-screen devices.
    The tablet revolution is here. Your next laptop will be touch-screen enabled, and NetCIL is ready.
    All NetCIL input forms are optimized for use on Windows 10.